5 Clever ways to track your money goals

5 Clever ways to track your money goals

Setting goals is one thing, achieving them is a different thing entirely. Making a sustainable plan and staying on track month after month, year after year is the only way to reach your goals. 

It can be easy to get distracted, but keeping track of your progress can provide much-needed motivation to reach your goals. You’ve set ambitious goals for 2022, here are some tips to help you track your money goals and reach financial success:

1. Use the Right Tools

If you are working toward more than one financial goal, you have several options to track your money goals. Many apps have been designed to help you budget, save, invest and give you a comprehensive overview of your financial health. 

Tracking helps you stay focused on what’s important to reach your goal. With one or more of these apps, you can keep track of your finances no matter what your goals are.

2. Make a spreadsheet

Technology has provided us with tons of applications but, for some people, good old-fashioned spreadsheets get the job done. Spreadsheets provide a great overview of your progress.

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are excellent options to track your bills, get a handle on your cash flow, and identify wants vs. needs when it comes to spending. 

3. Regularly review your progress 

Research shows that people who track their progress often are far more likely to reach their goals. As a result, reviewing your progress regularly can be rewarding. 

To stay committed to reaching your goals, you still need to make it a habit to measure, track, and feel good about the progress you make every single day. Tracking is a powerful tool for increasing how much you move each day. 

4. Get an accountability partner

An accountability partner is your right-hand supporter who will work with you to achieve your goals. In addition, having a good accountability partner can help you make serious progress toward any of your goals. 

Sharing your journey with a helpful friend, family member, or acquaintance can motivate you and also ensure you’re always on track on your journey to success.

5. Celebrate your wins

Finally, milestones are crucial in telling you if your efforts are working. Celebrating your wins will force you to track your progress since otherwise, you won’t know when you’ve earned a reward.

It’s important to take some time to breathe, enjoy and appreciate your wins, no matter how small, but without setting your progress back. This will boost your confidence and help you build the momentum needed to reach your goals. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, by tracking your progress, you can figure out where you are and plot a course to get where you want to go. The more often you track, the better, so use whatever is most convenient for you and that works with your specific goal.
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For a successful life or a successful business, measure what you want to improve.
-Jerry Bruckner

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