5 Ways to Stick to Your Financial Resolutions

5 Ways to Stick to Your Financial Resolutions

Setting financial goals and achieving them is crucial to living the life you envision for yourself. Having financial resolutions is a really great way to get your finances on track. Everyone starts the new year with goals and resolutions but somewhere along the line or in the fog of trying to survive, most of the goals are forgotten or kept on pause. 

It’s easy to set targets for yourself but it takes a lot of patience and commitment to achieve them. Having financial resolutions is one thing, sticking to them is another. With these 5 steps your financial goals can be successful.


1. Make your goals realistic

You’re more likely to achieve your goals when they are SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound). It’s easy to aspire for big feats but you must also be realistic about your expectations.

Ensure your resolutions are as clear as possible and they fit within a reasonable time frame so they can be measured. Break big goals into smaller steps and set milestones for each step. Start small and work your way up to build momentum.

2. Automate your finances

Saving and investing more, as simple as it sounds can be a struggle especially if you’re not consistent with the habit. The best way to ensure you’re doing more is to make the process easier by automating it.

This way you wont need to remind yourself or struggle with convincing yourself to contribute to your savings and investments when other needs pop up. You can have separate accounts for each of your goals and automate the monthly contributions. It gives you one less thing to worry about and helps you build momentum with your goals.

3. Track your progress

Tracking your progress can be a big motivator for you to stay the course. No matter how little you think the feat might be it means you’re a step closer to accomplishing the goals.

You should also keep track of your finances to ensure you’re not flailing. Use finance apps with notifications, set reminders for milestones, analyse your progress and make changes to your approach if need be.

4. Find an accountability partner

Find a like minded partner with similar financial goals as you and keep each other motivated. The best support system comes from partnering with someone with similar financial goals or someone who is invested in seeing you win.

Your accountability partner can be a friend or significant other. Sharing your goals with them can ensure you’re on track and they can also provide moral support and encouragement when needed. It can also be a good source of accountability.

5. Reward yourself

Reaching some of your resolutions might likely take some time. Another way to stay focused on reaching your goals is by rewarding yourself along the way.

Celebrate hitting milestones periodically but ensure it doesn’t derail the progress you’ve made. Enjoying the process can help keep you motivated to stay on track.


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

-Jim Rohn

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