6 smart ways to save money when travelling

6 smart ways to save money when travelling

Ever wondered if it’s even possible to save money when travelling? Then this article is for you.

So, you finally created your travel bucket list, but it looks like it’s worth all your life savings and then some.

Don’t worry, BRAVEWOOD to the rescue! We’re here with tips on how to get the most out of your vacation on a budget:

  1. Cook more, eat out less.
  2. Travel in the off-season (never around holidays!).
  3. Stick to a travel budget.
  4. Take a break from shopping. Take photos instead.
  5. Find things to do for free when you travel.
  6. Know the rules.

Cook more and eat out less.

Unless you’re in a city where the cost of food is super cheap, you’ll find that all those nights of fine dining add up to a hefty bill.

Shopping for local ingredients to prepare your meal will save a lot of money, plus, you’ll have so much fun trying out new flavours!

You might not be the adventurous type food-wise, but always dashing out for imported products from your home country will cost a whole lot more. So, take the leap of faith, you just might be surprised. 

Travel in the off-season (never around holidays!).

If you’re trying to save money, travelling near or during the holidays is a big no-no.

This is because airlines, hotels and other hospitality services are heavily booked, and the fares will be much higher.

You’d be surprised how much you can save just by waiting a few days or weeks after the holidays to travel. It also helps to plan and book tickets far in advance.

Stick to a travel budget.

Like most other financial ventures, it always helps to work with a budget.

First, do your research. Try to estimate the overall price of travel and as a general rule of thumb, try to keep it around or less than $40 per person each day.

Another good idea is to travel to places where your home currency does more. This allows you to do more with your money.

Take a break from shopping and take photos instead.

Shopping looks like a part of the ultimate travel experience, but let’s face it, it’s unnecessary!

Besides, almost all the stuff you buy ends up in a dusty attic corner. Even souvenirs rarely ever serve any real purpose.

Instead, you could invest in a high-definition camera and take pictures of everything; plus, pictures are free, they don’t add to your luggage and, if properly backed up, they never get lost.

Find things to do for free when you travel.

While on your trip, try to save money on simple activities, such as transportation.

You could get around on foot, or take the public transit instead of that fancy private taxi. Try to avoid visiting tourist attractions with entrance fees.

Instead, look around at museums or the ancient architecture in the area. It also helps to get talking with the locals in the area to discover the best offers and things to do.

Know the rules.

Remember, ignorance is never an excuse!

You should research and get familiar with the day-to-day rules and regulations of the countries/cities you want to travel to so that you can avoid paying fines and fees for tickets which will cause you to spend unnecessarily.

Final Thoughts

Taking your vacation or going on that dream trip you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

As an added tip, you can find ways to do remote work and earn money while you’re still on vacation.

Try out our tips and feel free to let us know how they work for you in the comments!



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