About us

OVERWOOD is a FnTech firm that deals primarily with investing for the masses. We create the power to access investments multi-millionaires have exclusivity to, by pooling resources from our investors to gain entry to the market. By doing this, we democratize investments by making safe, high-yield investment products accessible to regular people. Our strength lies in the power of all of us, coming together to create wealth for each of us.

At OVERWOOD, we understand the importance of financial security. In a society where the pressures of now, often outweigh the needs of the future, saving/investing seems like a chore. In retrospect, being financially secure enough to enjoy life in retirement, can only be attained by saving and investing. 

While saving is quite elementary, investing can be a bit more complicated. For those not rooted in the world of finance, scary terms and pressures from your “money guy” in the stock market can ultimately lead to bad money decisions.

We the finance experts, relieve you from the stress and confusion that comes with choosing the right investment mix. We do the work and make it simple for you by investing in safe, high yield investment products such as mutual funds, government bonds and cooperate bonds. Your investments are secured by offering an equity match. For every investment, we back it up with our shareholders’ funds, guaranteeing your principal always. 

We also offer attractive interest rates on each of our 3 products. OVERWOOD Prime offers up to 15% annually, OVERWOOD Dollar offers up to 5% per annum , and OVERWOOD Child offers interest rates 0.5% higher than Prime. Interest earned are compounded daily. Interest on your investments is prorated daily, added to your account, and can be monitored on your dashboard. Once you’ve initiated an investment on our platform, you can sit back and watch your money work for you.

Our core values are Diligence, Integrity, Self and mutual respect, and Customer service. These values drive our goal: to ensure high returns on investments and accrue daily dividends for our investors, with safety first as our guide.

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Invest with us and enjoy the benefits of ingenious money management.