Bravewood Academy: Learn to Make, Keep and Grow Money

We started BRAVEWOOD with one goal – to make high yield savings and growth models accessible to regular people. We believe that by democratizing savings, we would be able to help as many people as possible build the right foundation for a lifetime of financial stability. 

Our consistency in delivering a delightful savings experience to our clients while maintaining our position as one of the very few investment companies offering the highest returns is a testament to the validity of our belief and, by extension, our growth model. 

We have, however, made a simple but critical discovery: successful investing begins with financial literacy. When people have an understanding of how to make and keep money, it becomes possible to grow money. The complexity of this problem was the fact that although people realized they needed to build their knowledge of personal finance and Investments, it is difficult to find trusted and verified resources to learn from. Even when authentic resources were found, they didn’t quite seem to address the African audience, and so the knowledge was not very practical. 401k, credit cards, and student loans were not concepts regularly used in Africa. Recently, we decided to make an attempt at solving this problem, just like we have successfully done with savings.

With a fine mix of financial intelligence and high yield savings and growth models, we are making a bold move to equip even more people with the right financial knowledge essential for them to achieve financial freedom. This is why we have created the BRAVEWOOD Academy.

BRAVEWOOD Academy is a financial literacy platform where people learn how to make, keep, and grow money. All courses are FREE and are taught by a faculty of field experts who bring in years of experience to deliver practical and actionable knowledge on personal finance. The courses, though globally relevant, have been adapted to address the primary audience (Africa) and have been purposely simplified to make personal finance accessible to everyone.

BRAVEWOOD Academy is for:

Individuals who want to learn how to efficiently manage money, first-time clients starting their journey to financial freedom, people who are looking for ways to earn more, spend less, and build their wealth, and individuals with the desire to retire early.


  1. Get lifetime access to the FREE courses available on the platform.
  2. Learn on your own time and at your own pace. 
  3. Get access to relevant downloadable resources on finance.

How to enroll in the courses:

  • Visit
  • Click on register.
  • View available courses.
  • Select a course of choice to enroll.

Start learning today. Visit

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