How we approach investments

Our Investment Model

Safety First
Our Approach:

Fund security is our number one priority so we only invest in instruments that provide very, very high likelihood of principal safety.

We invest in mutual funds, money market instruments, government bonds, credit-backed instruments, capital market instruments, and treasury bills. The pooled resources give us access to the safest and most sophisticated investment products in the global market.

We are a safety-first fund so our investments are weighted towards bonds and money market instruments.

  • No experiments.
  • No speculations.
  • No risky gambits.
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Good Returns
Our Approach:

We pursue annual returns between 8 and 15% per annum. We have a high degree of confidence that we can achieve double-digit returns.

  • Conservative: 85% money market.
  • Balanced: 10% stock/credit backed instruments.
  • Highest return/risk: 5% derivatives/growth stock.
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Long Time Perspective
Our Approach:

We are focused on helping you attain growth for the long term. Our goal is to walk with our clients from their first job until they retire to live off the proceeds of their investments.

  • We pursue growth cautiously.
  • We pay compound interest to maximize growth.
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