Safe Investments
in Nigeria

Save, invest, and grow your money. Your principal is protected and you earn up to 12% per annum.

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Safety First

Fund safety is our most important principle.

Good Returns

We achieve industry leading returns for our clients.

Daily Dividends

You accrue dividends and gains on a daily basis.

Compound Gains

Compound interest model increases your yield.


Our Mission & Values

We started OVERWOOD with one goal - to make safe, high-yield investments accessible to regular people in Nigeria.

We want to give everyone an opportunity to grow their money regardless of the amount of money at their disposal.

We provide safe investments in Nigeria to all our clients.

We promise to manage your money with integrity and a deep commitment that you (our clients) will never lose a dime of your hard-earned money.

Our mission

Dr. Tayo Oyedeji

Founder & CEO


6 Things You Should Know About Us

How it Works

We select the best safe investments in Nigeria, diversify and adjust as needed, and distribute dividends to our clients.

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Our Investment Model

We focus primarily on low risk investments. Our portfolio includes over 100 safe investments in Nigeria.

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Our Process

Read about the step-by-step process for starting, monitoring, and withdrawing your investment here.

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Investment Calculator

Our investment calculator simulates the daily growth of your funds.

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Our Board of Directors

Meet our board whose mandate is to ensure that we put our clients first.

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Our Management Team

Meet our vibrant team that is focused on delivering value to you.

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Our Products


OVERWOOD PRIME suits investors who are looking for long-term growth and safe investments in Nigeria. The fund offers daily compound interest and stability against market fluctuations.

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OVERWOOD DOLLAR suits investors who want to hedge against Naira currency risks. Overwood Dollar investors subscribe in Naira but the funds will always be held in US Dollars.

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OVERWOOD CHILD was designed for investors who have young children and are looking to grow the funds earmarked for their children’s current or future school fees.

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What our clients say?


Investing with OVERWOOD has been great. It is very cool to see my daily dividend on my dashboard since it encourages me to save and invest more.

Deborah Jesuyinka

I have been investing with OVERWOOD for about a year now and I absolutely love the platform. I must applaud OVERWOOD because they have been very consistent in their processes.

Emmanuel Leramo

OVERWOOD investment has helped me save and grow money for projects I never thought I could fund in 2020. It is difficult to find safe investments in Nigeria. OVERWOOD meets that need for me.

Olabode Olaleye

I decided to put my money in OVERWOOD so that it won't just stay in my accounts without accruing interest. Overwood helps by giving me safe investment options that grow my money.

Henry Ezeanya

What I like most about Overwood is the safety of my Investment. The caliber of the management team and promptness with which they resolve issues also provides peace of mind.

Fidelis Nwagwu

At a time when interest rates are generally low and discouraging, bingo! OVERWOOD came with amazing products that give you daily compound interest.

Omoruyi Aiyudu