Safety First.

Fund safety is our most important principle.

Good Returns.

We achieve industry leading returns for our members.

Daily Dividends.

You accrue dividends and gains on a daily basis.

Compound Gains.

Compound interest model increases your yield.


Our Mission & Values

We started OVERWOOD with one goal - to make safe, high-yield investments accessible to regular people.

We want to give everyone an opportunity to grow their money regardless of the value of their principal amount.

We want to do it with integrity and a deep commitment that our client will never lose a dime of their hard-earned money.

Our mission

Dr. Tayo Oyedeji

Founder & CEO


6 Things You Should Know About Us

How it Works

We select the best and safest instruments in our market, diversify and adjust as needed, and distribute daily dividends.

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Our Investment Model

We are focused primarily on the safety of the funds under our management. We are conservative and risk-averse.

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Our Process

The step-by-step process for starting, monitoring, and withdrawing your investment.

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Investment Calculator

Our investment calculator simulates the daily growth of your funds.

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Our Board of Directors

Meet our board whose mandate is to ensure that we put the clients’ interest first.

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Our Management Team

Meet our vibrant and disciplined team focused on delivering value to you.

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Our Products

Overwood Prime

OVERWOOD PRIME suits investors who are looking for long-term growth and want to protect their investment against market fluctuations.OVERWOOD PRIME is focused on...

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Overwood Dollar

OVERWOOD DOLLAR Investors can choose to subscribe with Naira or US Dollar but the funds will always be held in US Dollars. At maturity, you can choose to withdraw in ...

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Overwood Child

OVERWOOD CHILD was designed for investors who have young children and are looking to grow the funds earmarked for their children’s current or future school fees.

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What our clients say?


I love the updates and regular calls; it makes me feel like I'm part of the company. I also like the returns and how I constantly get daily dividends on my investment. The weekly report is cool, and I love it.


My experience with OVERWOOD so far has been superb, world-class. I love the promptness in which requests are handled, like when you submit a withdrawal request, they call to confirm...


I love the transparency of OVERWOOD and the fact that investors are carried along in the decisions at every point in time. OVERWOOD cares about my opinions and this gives me peace of mind...


I like the Friday update that OVERWOOD sends to my mail every week. I like the fact that it is consistent, so I don’t have to go to the app to check what is going on cause I already have a direct...

Charles EhikhaseIbadan, Nigeria.

Thank you for creating such a life saving institution. I really admire you and would not mind being mentored by you and am making up my mind to be your believer in financial and investment matters

Adedipe Omobolanle OluwaseyiAkure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Removing penalties on withdrawal during Covid 19 is quite nice of your organization. I appreciate your efforts and consideration. I say well done to all of you.

Olalekan OlusanyaLagos, Nigeria.

Thank you so much for this seminar. I had to share it with my wife. We will definitely improve on what we already have i.e. investment and start building an emergency fund that can cover for 6 months.

Perpetua odiliIkoyi, Lagos State.

I just joined you guys but i keep hearing that u people are focused and u know what u are doing. I must say I am beginning to confirm it for myself.

Eleka ZanauAbuja, Nigeria.

Thank you so much for the consistent updates i dont take it for granted.

Akinpelu Abdulahi OlayiwolaLagos, Nigeria.

Thanks to the update. You always make me feel so relax with your update. Feedback is indeed breakfast of every business.

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