3 Things This Week

3 Things This Week

Welcome to this week’s edition of BRAVEWOOD 3TTW series.

Resilience and Courage

How do you cope with tough luck? Do you give up or pick yourself up and try again?

Resilience is the ability to keep trying even when you fail and keep failing until you succeed. This is the secret of the world’s greatest people.

Keep in mind that your only limitation is yourself, and the goals you have set for yourself are achievable.

Building Resilience

The ability to be resilient might not come naturally to some of us. Everyone has a different threshold for pain and a unique way of reacting to it.

Fortunately, resilience can be built. This article by Kendra Cherry explores in detail everything about resilience.

If you’re looking to be a more resilient individual, this article is for you.

Resilience in Leadership

Leadership requires several qualities, and one of the most important is courage.

Only a courageous leader can motivate and earn the trust of his followers, especially the less supportive ones.

Becoming a courageous leader is a process and Michael Finley shares how to develop leadership qualities in this video.

One more thing…

Financial freedom is a product of resilience. Constantly practising the right financial habits will always yield results in the long term.

With as little as N5000, you can start your journey to financial freedom.

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