3 Things This Week

3 Things This Week

Welcome to this week’s edition of BRAVEWOOD 3TTW series.

Your Biggest Accomplishment

If you’re constantly seeking approval from others, you won’t get very far.

Society is full of expectations, but only you can determine what you allow to affect you.

Remember, you may not always be in control of the people you meet or the situations you find yourself in, but you can control how you react and how you let people affect you.

That is your greatest power.

Stay on Course

While you pursue your goals, there will be challenges on the way.

You’ll be tempted to give up and take the easy way out. When this happens, you must remind yourself why you do what you do.

Learn from Spanx owner and founder, Sara Blakely, who bootstrapped her company right from the beginning.

She shares how connecting to her “why” helped her maintain motivation on her journey.

Measuring Up

As the year starts rounding up, reflecting on your accomplishments is normal. One way we do this is by measuring and comparing ourselves with others to see how well we’ve done.

If this is you, then you need a change of perspective.

In this video, Dean Furness recounts an interesting personal experience and talks about the importance of keeping your journey unique to you.

One more thing…

Your salary is fixed, but your earnings don’t have to be. Regardless of your previous financial experiences, it’s not too late to create the future you desire.

BRAVEWOOD provides you with the best options on the market to safely grow your funds.

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