3 Things This Week

3 Things This Week

Welcome to this week’s edition of BRAVEWOOD 3TTW series.

Your Nest Egg

When you think of your retirement, what comes to mind?

Most likely a grey-haired elder sitting on a porch, watching the grandkids play. While there’s nothing wrong with that, what if we told you there was another way?

You don’t have to be old and wrinkled before you retire if you prepare early.

Planning is key to the success of any venture, and retirement is no exception.

Proper Preparation

The beautiful thing about retirement is that there’s no fixed time for it.

By applying the correct financial principles and the right knowledge, you can retire whenever you want.

In this week’s article, featured on the BRAVEWOOD Blog, you’ll learn all there is to know about planning your retirement, how to go about it, when you should start planning, and so much more.

Retiring Early

Zhang Yiming, the founder of ByteDance – owners of the popular video app Tiktok, announced his retirement at the age of 38.

You can imagine the shocked audience when he said that! This goes to show that early retirement is possible, you just need to be intentional about it.

Zhang shared tips on how he achieved this feat. Find out in this video.

One more thing…

Right now, your goal is should be FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)! Your retirement should be enjoyable and allow you to do everything you couldn’t do while working.

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