My experience so far has been nice. I like the fact that I get daily dividends on my investment and every day, I know that I have gotten a little extra on my funds. It’s really, really thrilling, and has added a lot of positivity in my life.

What are your thoughts about our services so far?

I like how I get to see my daily earnings on my dashboard, and it’s really thrilling how the founder takes time to explain the process to us because some of us know about investments but don’t understand how they work. 

What feature do you like best?

I like my daily earning; the notification that says, “you made ‘xy’ amount, today”. I’d just check my account balance and realize that money has entered again. It’s really nice. 

What one thing has Overwood helped you achieve thus far?

Every extra money I get, all my thoughts are on how to add to my investment. Overwood makes me want to keep investing my money because it’s way better than just leaving it in my bank account.

What do you love the most about Overwood?

The best feature is the daily alert, knowing that every day you wake up, you’d earn something. It’s really, really thrilling. In fact, it has added a lot of positivity in my life.

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