I like the Friday update that Overwood sends to my mail every week. I like the fact that it is consistent, so I don’t have to go to the app to check what is going on cause I already have a direct report coming to my mail every Friday morning. Also, the interest rate is way over what the market is paying right now and there’s more security because the risk level is low.


What are your thoughts about our services so far?

Your services are great. The most important thing I like is the fact that every Friday, even if I don’t check my account, I know that I’d always get an update in my inbox. I also like the ease at which my account is updated when I transfer money to my Overwood account.

What feature do you like best?

I like the regular weekly report. There are so many things fighting for our attention, especially in times like this that everything is digital. So, the fact that I know that, even if I don’t go to my account, I’d get a report sent to me every Friday at 6 am, I think that’s really cool. I also like the daily compound interest model.

What one thing has Overwood helped you achieve thus far?

Overwood has helped me to be consistent with investing my money.

What do you love the most about Overwood?

The security of funds.

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