I love the transparency of Overwood and the fact that investors are carried along in the decisions at every point in time. Overwood cares about my opinions and this gives me peace of mind. For people with low-risk appetite looking for good returns, I would definitely recommend Overwood.


What are your thoughts about our services so far?

I appreciate the transparency with which you guys run the business. Apart from the fact that our investment is safe and all of that, many times when there are decisions to be taken that involve investors, you guys carry us along and ask our opinion on it. I feel like it puts the investor’s mind at rest and shows that you care about what we think you are doing with our money.

What feature do you like best?

I like the weekly report that shows a breakdown of how my interest has been accrued.

What one thing has Overwood helped you achieve thus far?

Overwood has helped me to invest the money I probably would have squandered. When the investment matured, I was able to use the money for something more reasonable.

What do you love the most about Overwood?

I love the transparency of the company. I find that respectful.

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